Well what do we have here? A beautiful person willing to share their experience of Salem on the @SalemTakeover account! We have a few guidelines to help you have a successful week (and ensure you don’t screw anything up).


If I could sum up our rules in a few words, it would go a little something like this:

"Post once a day, don’t be spammy, and be yourself!"

But there’s actually a tad more to it than that. Here’s the long version:


This one is important. The purpose of this account is to share Salem through the unique experience of different folks. This may include showcasing your talent or your workspace—but don’t be spammy or salesy about it. I don’t allow businesses to take over the account, so you’ll need a personal Instagram in order to host a takeover.

Send me a good photo and write a short bio

I'll introduce you on the Monday your week begins with a photo and caption. I need you to send me your photo and bio at least a week before you start. Make sure this photo is a headshot that is at least 1080px wide. And your bio needs to be less than 2000 characters. Don't feel like you need to tell your whole life story. A couple paragraphs will do.

I will send you your edited Salem Takeover photo if you'd like to post it on your personal account as well. That's not required—but helps me spread the word about Salem Takeover.

Please write your bio in 3rd person:

Do: “Sam moved to Salem in 2006”

Don’t: “I moved to Salem in 2006”

Post 1 photo every day for 5 days (Tuesday-Saturday)

Share snapshots of your daily experience in Salem. This could be your favorite lunch spot, hiking trail, or any other highlight. These should all be good quality original photos. Keep in mind that this account is to promote Salem. So if you post 5 photos of your cat, that might not fit the bill. Please don’t miss a day.

Picture Formatting

Get creative with your posts—but don’t overdo it with the effects. Don’t use borders, grunge effects, text overlays, etc. You can post a video if you'd like—but make sure this is also high quality and meets the rest of our guidelines.

Be thoughtful and thorough

Write good captions. Check your spelling and grammar. If relevant, tag your location and other accounts. Feel free to use appropriate hashtags (but don’t overdo it). I reserve the right to edit or remove unacceptable content. Also, make sure to sign each of your posts at the end of your captions in the following format: —First Last @username. Here’s an example:


Engage with your @SalemTakeover audience

I encourage you to reply to comments left on your @SalemTakeover posts. But I ask that you do this from your personal account so people aren’t confused when you’re no longer the host. This will also give you the opportunity to cross-promote and hopefully gain more followers on your account.

The DL on DM’s

Feel free to reply to any DM’s directed towards you or your posts. I’ll reply if they are directed to Salem Takeover in general.

Don’t engage with other accounts

Please don’t like posts, leave comments, follow/unfollow people. That could get confusing.

Keep things positive

There’s room for many different points of view on @SalemTakeover. Share your perspective—but this isn’t the place for overly political, religious, or ranting posts. This is a place to showcase what you love about Salem—not what you don’t like. And please don’t use profanity or mature topics as the account aims to be family-friendly.

Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to add backstory and personality to your takeover. Post as much as you want. But remember to keep the general rules in mind when posting to the @SalemTakeover story. I suggest using stories to introduce yourself on Monday morning. And then I recommend posting at least a few times to your story each day. You can post on the @salemtakeover story through Sunday.

Don’t mess with the account settings

Don’t edit the profile, delete photos, change past captions, passwords, etc. If you think something is funky—let me know and I'll help you out.

Next Steps

If you’ve read these over and you still want to be considered to host a week, drop me a note at vin@salemtakeover.com letting me know what I could expect to see from your takeover. And if I think it'd be a good fit for the account, I'll reach out with next steps.

Vin Thomas 2018

Thank you!

This is a passion project—not a business venture. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out. I'd love to hear from you!

Vin Thomas

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